The following attachments are in the process of being updated as a result of the merger of LWDA 14 (Greater Peninsula) and LWDA 16 (Hampton Roads).   Updated attachments will be added as they are completed and will be noted that they have been updated.


1. Current Chief Elected Official (CEO) Consortium Agreement
2. Current CEO-Local WBD Agreement
3. Current Local WBD organizational chart
4. Copies of executed cooperative agreements between the Local WBD or other local entities and the local office of the Virginia
agency/unit administering programs carried out under title I of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 with respect to efforts that will
enhance the provision of services to individuals with disabilities and to other individuals, such as cross training of staff, technical
assistance, use and sharing of information, cooperative efforts with employers, and other efforts at cooperation, collaboration,
and coordination.
a. One-Stop Center MOU and IFA
b. One-Stop MOU Modification
5. Local HRWC Policies