The Hampton Roads Workforce Council Operates Seven Committees

Business/Workforce Services Committee
works with businesses to identify workforce needs and provide oversight for training programs and contractors. Oversees the dissemination of labor market information; develops strategies to address short and long-term requirements for skills; and makes recommendations to the Board regarding funding and service priorities.
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Communications Committee
oversees the development and implementation of communication activities for the Board. The committee will ensure coordination of communication efforts to share information and resources with job seekers, employers and stakeholders.
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Executive Committee
Plans, coordinates and expedites the work of the Board and may take action, when necessary, between Board meetings. The Executive Committee exercises the authority and power of the Board, to the extent permitted by law.
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Finance & Audit Committee
is charged with budget oversight, training certification, performance management and personnel administration.
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Policy and Strategic Planning Committee
develops a vision for the future of the region’s Workforce Development System.
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Youth Services Committee
develops the portions of the local plan related to youth, subject to the approval of the Board.
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