Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic (DT-2)

Job Description

The Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic shall conduct routine scheduled maintenance, interim (unscheduled) maintenance, field level maintenance, research repair parts, complete requisitions for parts and service items, record data collection (labor time & vehicle service cost) and repairs to Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE), Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE).


  • Perform inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs identified during initial inspections and as per the guidance recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and/or the NAVFAC P-300.
  • Mandated 120 calendar day cycle for completing general maintenance and safety inspections on each piece of CESE/ MHE per requirements and the Contractor shall maintain this service cycle.
  • Schedule all CESE/MHE equipment for service every 120 calendar days or sooner in the event the vehicle accumulates high mileage within the normal service cycle. High mileage is typically considered to be more than 5,000 miles since the previous maintenance service.
  • The CESE/MHE inventory list itemizes each piece of CESE/MHE by Shop Location, Equipment Identification Number, Make, Model, Year, type of fuel, and current mileage.
  • Pick up vehicles requiring service from a location designated by the Governments’ Transportation Officer for each respective Shop Location. Once the maintenance, repairs, and quality control inspections have been completed, the Contractor shall return the CESE / MHE to a Government designated holding area.
  • Perform maintenance and repair to Government-owned CESE/MHE identified in CESE/MHE inventory list with total numbers varying by +/-5% during the performance period. The Contractor shall provide supply and data entry support for all equipment and vehicles.
  • Scheduled maintenance shall be conducted in three specific levels identified as A, B, and C based on mileage or time. Standard vehicle safety inspections shall be completed as a specific task on every scheduled maintenance Shop Repair Order (SRO).
  • Level A maintenance shall be completed every 120 calendar days and includes safety inspections, overall equipment mechanical inspection, changing fluids and filters and standard service items shall be serviced and changed in accordance with original equipment manufacturer recommendations. This work shall be annotated on the SRO and recorded in the vehicle maintenance database within three days of final inspection.
  • Level C maintenance shall be completed annually and includes a detailed safety inspection and four-wheel alignment when warranted. This work shall be annotated on the SRO and recorded in the vehicle maintenance database within three days of final inspection.
  • Shall be the direct liaison with the government to discuss access to CESE/MHE, maintenance schedules, and use of Government-furnished equipment (GFE) if provided.
  • Shall have the capacity and technical skills needed to make all levels of repair to suspension, steering, electrical, instrumentation, computer controls, driver controls, brakes, fuel delivery, carburetion and fuel injection, exhaust, and power train systems.
  • Repairing electric and manual window mechanisms, vehicle locks, seats, and incorporated electronics.
  • Demounting and mounting all sizes of tires and balancing the wheel and tire assembly once mounted. Tire repairs shall include plug insertion, patches, and complete replacement depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Welding, metal forming, sheet metal work, minor body, and fender repairs
  • Provide maintenance and repair on GSE such as, but not limited to, lawnmowers, pressure washers, tree and brush trimming equipment, generators, compressors, hydraulic attachments, and other small portable engine-powered tools used to support grounds maintenance work.
  • Government personnel shall provide GSE equipment requiring service to a respective mechanic. Once the maintenance, repairs, and quality control inspections have been completed, the contractor shall return the equipment to a designated holding area.

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