Customer Account Specialist

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Responsible for performing collection activities associated with various delinquent accounts.  Reviews delinquent accounts, determines probable reasons for account status, and contacts clients to resolve the delinquencies.  Utilizes various techniques, as circumstances indicate, to promptly collect on delinquent accounts.  Ensures the Company’s professional image is maintained.


1.  Assumes responsibility for the effective and professional performance of collections functions.

a. Receives delinquency reports from the computer system and verifies the status of the accounts.

b. Follows up on delinquent accounts by telephone, personal contact, and correspondence to secure a satisfactory resolution to the repayment problem.  Discusses possible financial arrangements, informs clients of potential legal actions, and suggests financial counseling to arrive at suitable payment arrangements.  Continues to collect until the account becomes a write-off, bankruptcy, or attorney account.  Makes early contact with clients to collect and keep them informed of account status.

c. Utilizes effective human relations skills and various forms of persuasion to present a positive Company image in an already negative situation.  Calms irate clients and answers questions and complaints relevant to Department functions.  Determines reasons for delinquencies and works toward permanent solutions.  Minimizes losses by early actions.

d. Utilizes further appropriate collection methods if initial attempts do not secure required payment.  Recommends extensions of due dates.  Suggests consolidations and financial counseling.

e. Posts approved extensions and notifies clients of new due date by mail.

f.  Recommends and completes small claims court complaints and post judgment actions including garnishments and supplemental orders.

g. Follows relevant procedures for certain situations such as bankruptcy, legal action, or death.

h. Recommends possible charge-offs.

i. Performs collections efforts in accordance with Company policies and procedures and ensures they are legally compliant.

j. Utilizes various means/systems to locate valid contact details for delinquent accounts.

2. Assumes responsibility for the efficient administration of collections activities.

a. Keeps accurate and up-to-date activity reports on late, potentially late, and delinquent accounts.

b. Documents all collection actions taken, including telephone conversations, alternative financial arrangements, and correspondence on computer.

c. Researches accounts that appear on late and potentially late records to ensure that Company errors are detected promptly.  Provides clients the opportunity to fully explain their account status.

d. Responsible for taking payment and accountable for all financial transactions.

3. Assumes responsibility for ensuring that professional business relations are established and maintained with clients and external contacts.

a. Maintains the Company’s professional reputation throughout collections operations and in all contacts with clients.

b. Maintains confidentiality.

c. Develops contacts with credit bureaus and other financial institutions.  Uses shared information to effectively minimize Company losses.

4. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication and coordination with Company personnel.

a. Assists area personnel as needed.

b. Keeps management informed of activities, progress toward established objectives, and of any significant problems.

c. Attends and participates in meetings as required.

5. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

a. Stays informed of changes in collections policies, procedures, and related legal requirements.

b. Ensures work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.

c. May be asked to assist with legal process such as preparation of accounts, documentation, or settlements.


1. Delinquent and problem accounts are closely monitored and reviewed.

2. Appropriate collections actions are instituted which are in accordance with established Company policies and are legally compliant.

3. Delinquent accounts are promptly collected.  A delinquency ratio which meets management standards is maintained.

4. Professional business relations exist with clients.  Clients are properly assisted with their financial problems and their questions are courteously answered.

5. Required reports and records are accurate and timely.

6. Good working relations exist with area personnel and with management.  Management is appropriately informed of area activities.



  • High school graduate or equivalent.Required Knowledge:
  • Knowledge of collection procedures and related laws and regulations.
    Understanding of Company policies.
  • Familiar with default and enforcement clauses.
  • Basic understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
  •  Understanding of Small Claims Court system.Experience Required:
  • A minimum of 1 year related experience and/or equivalent combination of experience and/or education.

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10 digits - numbers only please. (eg. 7571234567

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